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Indian songs are without a second opinion, exhilarating and harmonious, especially for its colors, variety, and dynamic dance steps, and many more…

In most of the Indian movies, the songs play a prominent role, be it Bollywood, or Kollywood movies, indeed there are films that had swept away the, so called box office, predominantly because of hit songs in the movies. The biggest film industry in India is of course, Bollywood which produces enormous number of movies per year, than Hollywood. Sometimes, it so happens that the songs decides the movies’ success in the industry, during the recent years the trend of visiting foreign countries to shoot a song has increased to a great extent, this specially happens in Tamil film industry. Though there are separate film industries for other languages too, say Malayalam film industry, Telugu film industry, Kanadam film industry, Marathi, etc… the Bollywood, which includes the Hindi film industry, while the Kollywood comprising the Tamil film industry are said to be the popular ones in terms of revenue generations and distributions throughout the country.

Nowadays, the movies’ audio release functions are celebrated on a grand scale, thereby considering it as a kind of promotional marketing event to the films. When music director, A. R Rahman won Oscars for his music and background score in the Hollywood film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ in the year 2009, the Indian songs were taken immensely to greater heights, worldwide. He has also got nominated for his music in the year 2011 for the Hollywood film, ‘127.’ With the advancements of technology, and growth enhancements in the sales of Apple i-pod, and i-pod touch, the craze for songs have grown much larger in the country.

The Hindi film songs and industry are renowned all over the world, this could be evident from the news that the pop diva, Jennifer Lopez’s sister ought to get into Bollywood industry. Further, the richness of color, stunning beats, and mind blowing dance steps could be seen almost in all the Bollywood songs. Specific credits goes to the Punjabi beats that are used in the songs, certainly can make anyone dance for the song.

Well with that note, the important fact that the commercial songs play a mandatory role in Hindi movies becomes imperative. It’s true, because most of the audience belong to that particular cadre, hence to satisfy them, commercial elements become necessary in the Hindi movies. The songs were brought into limelight, when Film Fare awards were started to get bestowed for the songs with best choreography, finest singers, and for the dance directors, in fact nowadays the commercial element of the songs being focused and awarded as the ‘best mass hits’ of the year too. Thus the commercial songs, or extra songs have become necessary to satisfy all types of audiences, for instance the ‘Chaiya Chaiya’ song from the movie ‘Dil Se,’ ‘Desi Girl’ form the movie ‘Dostana,’ and ‘Kajra Re’ song from ‘Bunty Aur Bubli’ etc… would fall into the commercial category, which has also proved as the important promoting factor for the films.

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